Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Matchsticks needed

Greetings everyone, a tired hello from Barcelona!  I was up so early this morning I have no energy to go out, so thought I would update my blog.  Having pilfered all the lovely Aveda toiletries from the bathroom, it's time to sit and write!

On my last days off, I did manage to pop to the garden centre and get a few bits.  I wanted some garden mint and needed a couple of bags of compost to fill the last raised bed.

Just the gravel to order now and the back garden will be done.  Once my brother has sorted the garden tap, I can plumb in the watering system and get planting!

The pear tree that Mum bought me is doing well, even if it is a strange shape at the moment.  It'll look ok in a couple of years with careful pruning.

I couldn't resist the terracotta pots, so planted up some tiny alpine strawberries too. 

Work has been full on, with just one day off between 2 working blocks, I haven't had a chance to write/do much.  2 more days to go and I have 12 days off which I am looking forward to.  Plus it is my Birthday soon!!

With ironing being my least favourite chore, it didn't take much to distract me, when Milo decided it would be fun to explore under the spare bed.  He is ever so camera shy, so I took my chances, lay on the floor and called him from under the quilt......out he came, all waggy tail and I got this picture!!  I love it and it really shows his cute side.  I decided to enter it into a competition to win worming tablets (I know, hardly exciting, but why not)??

If you would like to vote, click Here You can vote every day if you have the time....I only need another 5000 clicks to beat the current winner! ;0)

I thought one was special too.

I am to blame for the cold weather.  On the 30th of April I was busy packing for a trip and decided that May was 'round the corner, so turned Stanley the Rayburn off.  He has been guzzling oil at a rate of knots and needs a service! May day arrives and I get up for work at some ungodly hour to discover it is 2 degrees outside!  Apologies.

My basil seedlings are growing slowly.  Not looking too good, but should be ok. Am tempted to buy them from a supermarket next time, separate and pot them on.

The crocheting isn't going to well.  All fingers and thumbs still and think I need another lesson.  I have the basics, but am struggling to make a square.  I have resisted the urge to stab my hands with the hook, although sometimes I feel like it. Added to the fact that Milo has taken a liking to nicking my ball of wool and running off with it, things are progressing slowly.  'Dog drool' granny squares aren't the most attractive. 

Having spent the best part of 2 hours sorting out the garden, cleaning out the hens, (Cornelia is still broody and grumpy, the others are staying out of her way wisely) and adding composted farm yard manure to the long bed along the front of the house - the soil is like dust as it gets so little rain - I came back in to find yet another ball of yarn on the front door mat, courtesy of Milo and not a terrier to be found!  I called and called and dashed upstairs to see if he was asleep on my bed - something he hasn't done yet.  Couldn't find him anywhere!  Back into the garden to find an exhausted terrier spark out by the new raised bed.  He is a dog after my own heart - likes a nap! 

Things seem to be going well and I have had a few visitors to test the theory.  Mark and Ed popped in with strict instructions to ignore him and avoid his Yoda stare.  Not easy when you are sat in the kitchen and a dog is sniffing your crotch.  They did very well (as did he) with a lick of Ed's hand, I think we are making progress.  Mark still won't look at him.........
(side note * sorry Linda, not been in contact but will email you soon re visit*) ;0) 

I have received a couple more emails inviting me to various craft fairs in November and December!  I have no stock and am worried about accepting.  Jams and jellies sell well as do the hot water bottles but I seriously need some new ideas on what to make and sell.  Time just seems to be flying by and the fabric stash keeps growing, I have to use some of it up before it takes over the house! Answers on a post card please...

The Cadburys Dairy Milk with Turkish delight is calling me.  My brain is saying 'feed me sugar', so I think I will have to do it.  Just can't keep my eyes open.  Pick up is at 4.50 in the MORNING! At least it is only one flight and I can have a nap when I get home.  Looking forward to Thursday afternoon when I can pick up Milo and chill out for a few days.  

Time to go and find the chambermaid to complain about the 'lack' of toiletries in my bathroom! 

C x x x  


  1. Voted :D

    The one of him asleep is adorable too!

  2. I voted too! He looks such a pickle! ( wanted to write mischevious but I cant spell it right!!)


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