Saturday, March 03, 2012

The boy has found his voice....

....I am not referring to my West end debut.   Although, one day perhaps.  I am talking about Milo the wonder dog who, for the first 4 weeks, didn't bark.  He had a little op last week to remove some, erm, unsightly dangly bits from between his legs and has since become a barking hound!  If anyone walks past the window, he barks whilst sprinting to the door, with all the ferociousness of a grapefruit.  He tries to howl if he can get there in time.  Training is needed.

Today wasn't a promising start.  Grey and foggy with drizzly rain, but it soon brightened up to a glorious day!   I picked up Milo last night and he soon settled back into Bramble Cottage routine again.  Woke up at 7 this morning!  I have one day off and could have done with a lie in.  Anyway, Milo was raring to go, so was walked by 8.30, which was just in time to get home for a Lady who was coming over to pick up my 2 old eglu runs.  Deal done and I have reclaimed more of my garden.

I spent a couple of hours hacking away at the old honeysuckle that dominated the garden.  You know the drill, a job you wish you had never started?  6 tub trugs later, I was done!  The plan is to remove the very sturdy trellis and relocate it to cover the oil tank.  I can then put a large raised bed in between the oil tank and water butt.  I have a pear tree ready to plant against the fence and will put another climbing plant in, to hide the ugly tank.

When pulling out the old honeysuckle, I found loads of ladybirds.  Having destroyed their home, I thought it fitting to give something back.  I'm good like that.  So I fashioned some insect homes from the dried bits and hung them around the garden.  Very rustic.  Will not be making them to sell...

It seems my earlier post about plentiful eggs was a bit premature.  Pru laid two eggs in 3 days, so I thought we were off to a good start.  She must have read my blog and snubbed me, as she hasn't laid since!!  Agnes and Cornelia started squatting a few days ago (which to non hen owners, means they will soon start laying) and today I was rewarded with a lovely Cornelia egg!  My egg skelter is not looking that full, with only 3 eggs since the 2nd of November.  One egg a month from 4 hens isn't bad is it?  Fret not Waitrose, my custom is good for a while yet.

Milo likes sitting next to the run and supervising the 'non' laying........

.....and the rest of my garden looking dreadful.  Give it time.  I need a couple of raised beds and a truck load of gravel and it'll look great.  (A couple of burly workmen might help too). 


One job I have finished in Jase's niece's baby quilt!  I started with 3" squares and soon regretted it.  Obviously 5-6" squares would have been easier and quicker.

Rather chuffed with the finished result!  It is only small, but then she is only a baby!  Will look great in her buggy! 

Have to dash now.  That is it, my one day off and back on for 5 days from tomorrow.  Athens and back.  My least favourite trip.  Ever.  I know what will happen.  Tomorrow will most certainly contain a row with the ground staff in Athens not allowing me off the aircraft for a ciggie.  How often to I have to explain that I simply cannot operate back with the general public without at least 1 ciggie to soothe my nerves?

C x x


  1. lol great post again:) Milo is just gorgeous, love him. Very impressed with your quilt, it's lovely, well done you. Give Athens a kick from me then, tell them MrsL said you could, that'll sort 'em lol


  2. may I suggest a rattle bottle to stop the barking? Just a small plastic water type bottle with a handful of gravel in it. Shake accompanies by a loud no...or quite if you works for me. I think after he realised you had paid for his op he was sure he was staying and decided best behaviour was no longer necessary!

  3. Love that MWD!!!! Henry has found his bark- but is rather high pitched and girly (but the vet says his dangly bits havent dropped yet so that explains it)
    Our woggles cant wait to get together with him to cause trouble!!

  4. Hi Christian I really enjoy reading your blog and just wanted to nominate you for the ABC Awesome blog content award. You can find out more info on my blog webpage. Thank you for your lovely posts

  5. Fantastic quilt Christian.

    Milo is lovely!

    Martin :0P

  6. milo is so cute and tiny. The garden in looking great - you have achieved so much in such a short time.

    And the quilt is stunning


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