Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time for a blue rinse?

I had a really nice day today, despite the freezing temperatures......after a quick walk with Milo, the dog who avoids water and mud - strange lad,  I headed back to the luke warm house.  Apart from an encounter with a hyper active miniature Schnauzer, he was very well behaved.  

After a quick breakfast, although ocean white fish kibble, with warm water smelling like an explosion in a 'Scampi fries' factory, is enough to put anyone off their cereal, I hoovered up the copious amounts of dog hair.  I now have enough to fill a sizeable cushion. Available on my selling blog soon!! ;0) 

I popped into Scats Countrywide and got yet more compost and a couple of packets of seeds! *Will forget to mention the offer on Cadbury's Mini eggs* 

...all planted up in my old yoghurt pots! 

By lunchtime, it was time to take Milo on his afternoon 'long' walk.  This turned into a 2 hour epic, but was great fun.  The Herta frankfurters cut into small bits kept him very interested in coming back when called.    His interest in horses is slowly waining, as he no longer gives them the 'Medusa' stare when he sees them in the field next door.  Although I am sure he still isn't too keen.  On the way home, he met Archie the giant retriever and wanted to play!  He was like a puppy bounding around and had a great time. 

When we got home, my dear Postman had left a note to say 'parcel in barbeque'!!  He sneaks around the back and hides parcels in my garden.....a bit like Father Christmas, but in a tight polo shirt which barely covers his tummy and a pair of shorts no matter what the weather.  

I ordered these watering thingymabobs so that I could put some pots in the courtyard garden.  I have no water supply out there and these looked perfect.  Just screw on a plastic bottle filled with water and away you go!!  Am experimenting with a climbing rose I planted earlier in the week, if that works, then I'll put a few large pots out there.  Just need to drink even more diet coke for the bottles now. 

One final picture of the other raised bed.  Ready with hazel rods for the runner beans and sweet peas.  I need to sort out the watering system as soon as my Brother moves the outside tap, but the hoses are nearly in place.

I have also signed up for a crochet class. I know, I know, will my addictions never end!??   The local craft centre, which is 30 seconds away, offer classes for £6, so I thought 'why not'??  I have been inspired by the granny square blanket craze that is sweeping the country.  I want one!  £6 doesn't seem too bad to me as I am the only one on the course.  There is the price of crochet hook, which is made by a Ecuadorean blind goat, that hobbles on 3 legs and has 11 kids to support.  I do like to support Fair Trade items.  And the wool.  Natural fibres, of course at £5 a ball, but several other accessories I am sure I will need.  Sensible shoes and a poncho maybe? I am going to be skint aren't I??

Right, time for bed.  The fire is dying down and Milo is already asleep under my bed.

C x x x


  1. You shouldn't have mentioned the creme eggs...I am due to visit scats for the dogs flea treatment.

    As for a brother who can fix outside tap...bliss...would he do mine? the pipe has split inside the wall!

  2. It was mimi eggs Linda! Co Op is doing a deal on Creme eggs!

    I wish my Brother was that organised. Think I may have to wait a while as he lives in Yateley! It took 2 years for him to do the shower in my old house! Does a very good job though!

  3. Go get crocheting! Its very therapeutic especially in front of the tv at night- Enjoy!

  4. If you enjoy the crochet, you may want to look at, if you haven't already seen it. Fantastic site for knitters and crocheters (I'm a knitter).


  5. Get crocheting and make a granny square blanket - there are so many great examples on Ravelry - especially 'We Love Lucy' group which is for fans Lucy and the blog Attic24. - If you not visited Lucys blog before then you're in for a treat
    Hook on!


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