Sunday, June 12, 2011


It is bloody miserable outside and doing nothing to enhance my mood! The rain hasn't stopped all day. I know the garden needs it, as do my water butts, but why can't it rain all night and be sunny during the day? It doesn't feel like summer at all!

The hens haven't left the run all day, so I had to take their treat bowls in for them. Getting soaked myself in the process. They appreciated them though. 3 eggs so far, with Agnes on the nest when I went out. Maybe a full house today then?

I have my part time week now - not back until the 22nd........loads to do though with absolutely no motivation to do any of it! Not feeling down, just lack of energy, which the weather isn't helping with.

Visited my nephew for his Birthday and took over his presents. He is happy as he got a Play Station 3 (?? Possibly, not really sure) for his own room!! Not bad for a 9 year old. Wide screen telly and everything!

Lost another pound this week, but discovered an Easter egg hidden in the fridge, so surprised I lost anything. Not really eating chocolate at all, which is a shock to my system. Couldn't go a day without it before. I still have it hidden around the house, but not too fussed at the moment.

Freezing cold sat here at 5 in the afternoon. Got the hot water bottle out and as I'm not planning on leaving the house until summer reappears, I got into my pj's at 4pm. How decadent. Hardly! Veg prepped for dinner, stir fry with loads of garlic as I feel my body needs the antioxidants today. Blueberries and yoghurt for breakfast, so not doing badly. Apart from the chocolate Birthday cake I ate earlier. Fire is ready to light and a selection of dvds to watch later.

In other news, I have made an offer on the cottage, which has been rejected. I will offer more, but will bide my time. It has been on the market for a while, but have just noticed that they have had new pictures done. Remember Christian, if it is meant to be, it will be!! Did have a lovely long chat with the owner though. We plan to put ours on the market next week. If we get a move on and declutter ready for the pictures.

No photos today as it is just too grey out there. Will take some more of the garden and veggie plot when the sun comes out.

Right, oven is ready, so time for the spring rolls to go in. A Chinese themed dinner tonight! Might even add a couple of dozen pak choi plants that I still have in the green house

C x x x


  1. its 'fowl' out there isn't it. My girls have been running down the garden for treats and then rushing back to sanctuary. Received delivery of 3 Lavender Aracunas last weekend. They are now 17 weeks and look all legs.


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