Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Up and running.....

...Well not me, obviously! I don't run. Unless a bus is about to hit me. Or there is only one sausage roll left on the plate.


Not the kind of website I would like, but cannot afford to spend hundreds on one like the gorgeous online shops I browse through. All my items for sale will be on the above blog from now on. *smiles* Had my first order within an hour! Thanks Hazel.

In other news, I managed to lose all my pictures from iphoto. One minute they were there, next, iphoto was empty. The language was blue and just glad the chickens were tucked in bed. I have found them, but not in iphoto anymore. No idea what happened.....so I quickly plugged in the back up hard drive I got for Christmas and downloaded them all to be safe. Wish I had done it sooner. You know when that panic starts to build in your throat?

Just back from a lovely 3 day trip to Madrid and Copenhagen. Fabulous crew and a real pleasure to work with. Lots of fun and a real laugh. Went out in Madrid to TGI Fridays, I know, not really absorbing the local culture, but sometimes it is nice to stagger 3 yards to the nearest place. No one went out in Copenhagen, but I sat at the desk and munched my way through an Itsu veggie salad and a Galaxy smooth bar! Figuring I deserved it after the low cal salad.

Next door's bantams laid very well while I was away and I have collected 6 eggs. Tiny little toy eggs, but they are very welcome here in the barren egg kitchen. 4 more weeks of looking after them, so should have a good stash! Having said that, I was stunned to find that Miss Pru had laid. More torpedo than egg shaped, but will taste great. 3 out of 4 had bright red combs, so fingers crossed they will all start again soon.

Took a couple of pictures before I left for work, just before the laptop crashed! The snowdrops and daffs are coming up really quickly.

...And the vintage coloured felt I ordered arrived. The colours seem very bright in this picture, but they are more muted.

After someone mentioning chocolate fudge brownies on Facebook, I couldn't resist making a batch! Mum & Dad took some home and I planned to take some in to work for my crew. I did take a few in, but scoffed the lot in my room. *Hangs head in shame*

I had run out of walnuts, so used chopped nuts instead and they tasted great.

Feeling tired now after getting up around 4am for the past 2 days. Have a cracking book at the moment - see 'currently reading' on the right........ - think I will light the fire early and snuggle down to a good read.

Bye for now!

C x x x

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