Monday, June 28, 2010

Ideas please

I went back to work on Friday and wasn't really looking forward to it. It turned out to be a wonderful trip, with great crew that had me laughing constantly for 3 days. We all went out in Vienna and had a lovely meal in the park. Then flew onto Glasgow for the night and went out again. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home at 7pm last night.

Getting back into my uniform was a struggle after 6 weeks off. I don't think I pigged out too much whilst off sick, but the lack of exercise obviously took it's toll. When I say exercise, you know what I mean. It's not that I missed going to the gym, as I don't go anyway, but the lack of dashing around, weeding, hoovering and general things means that I am spreading. Not in a good way. Nearly garroted myself when I put my tie on.

Was up at 5am this morning and am now in Milan, in the scorching heat, with my mosquito spray at the ready! The place is full of them. My solar powdered mozzie repellant gizmo is charging by the window, in case I decide to go out for dinner later.

I was tinkering with ideas for the craft fair and thought about peg bags? Would you buy one? That is the problem I am having at the moment. Deciding what to make, so if you have any ideas, then please leave a comment!

I went into Marlborough last week and popped into Dible and Roy. Couldn't resist this gorgeous dotty fabric! I made 3 bags and want to keep them. Hee hee. Not very manly though!

When I got home last night I went into the garden to see the progress the veggies were making. The runner beans are now in flower, with the borlotti beans slowly catching up. The strawberry bed is doing really well. Jase picked a bowl full and I got a fair few too.

The netting is the only way to stop the blackbird eating them! I have had to cover the patio planter too, as Mrs Blackbird is sneaky and pecks away at any red strawbs she sees.

I made one more batch of elderflower cordial, so now have 12 pretty glass bottles for the stall. Need to think of some way of wrapping them? Might just use a fabric topper and nice label.

Jase has been off work sick this week. After a lovely week 'glamping' in Scotland, he came home with a bag of washing and a stinking cold. He sounded better this morning, but still not right. He is now under strict instructions from me to do nothing, drink lots and not to go back to work until he is better.

I have finally received my PAC from O2, so can now get my new iphone from Vodaphone. Will pop into the shop in the terminal when I get back from Milan tomorrow. Looking forward to entering the 21st century finally!!

Decision made, need to have a quick shower now and will pop out with the crew for a pizza I think. Shorts and tshirt at the ready!

Have a lovely week in the heat. Remember, the hose pipe bans will start soon! *wink*

C x x


  1. Hello, I've just discovered your blog, it's fab btw. I'm sure your peg bags would sell. Does the fair attract lots of mums with young children? If so, the crayon rolls are bound to do well - do you have a fabric for girls as well as boys? Have you thought about making tooth fairy cushions - cushion cover with small pocket to hold the tooth. They make an ideal christening gift.
    Anything in a heart fabric or spots always goes down well with the female of the specie, well it does this one!!

  2. What about making fabric doorstops? I made a simple one, just a tall cube shape with a fabric handle out of a calico-like fabric. Didn't know what to use to fill it, so I used those pine wood cat litter pellets (!!!)

  3. The new layout is fab, the dotty bag is fab and the quilt is fab! Your mum!

  4. Love the new layout and also the things you have been making especially the quilt - it is really special and looks like your mum is angling for quilt number 2. All your stuff is very saleable for the fair and you will do very well.

  5. How about some aprons Christian? Or maybe table runners and napkins?
    I love the peg bag, but I know I would leave it out in the rain and it would get spoilt :(


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