Thursday, June 17, 2010

The last square....

It's that time of year again. Elderflower cordial time!

I have bottled this batch and it is tucked away in the outbuilding fridge. Will make another batch later in the week.

The garden is doing well and with a couple of major showers, hasn't needed much watering. The weeds seem to appreciate the water!

I had some some basil seeds so planted them in a tin in the kitchen -

We have loads of pears on the little tree I planted a couple of years ago. Hopefully they will make it and I can bottle some this year.

I have been feeling much better this week. Still not 100% but much chirpier than the past couple of weeks. Am off until the 25th June and then it's back to the grind stone for 6 days. I spent most of this week sewing and sat in the armchair trying to take it easy. Managed to get a few projects done.


Which are a bit riper than our own!

A couple of fabric bags like this -

Paper bookmarks, made using lovely patterned paper for scrap booking. I have made about 20 for the stall in September. (If I can get leave)!!

and yet more egg cosies -

BUT the big news is, I have finally finished my quilt. Thanks to Ricky and Janet at Quilters dream, who showed me how to do the finishing touches!

I am sooo pleased with it. It has taken me ages, but for a first attempt I think it looks great. I'll have to start another one now, as the finished result looks so good. Enough blowing of my own trumpet!

The girls are laying ok. Ish. Cornelia has laid one egg in 10 days. Shame as her eggs as dark brown and huge. She was the only one not camera shy yesterday. The others scarpered under the privet hedge.

I popped into the Weyhill Fairground to speak to them about the Michaelmas fair in September. I have to do both days (which is fine) and I have asked for the same plot as last year, but with an extra table. Kind of a 'L' shape stall if possible. Last year, there just wasn't enough room for everything I had made, so I hope that I can get the extra space this year. Jase is worrying me, telling me to make loads of stuff, but I am concerned it won't sell. I think the crayon rolls will be popular. As will the bags, but unsure of what else to make. I think the wheat bags will go down well again, as they seemed really popular last year.

Made several more Scottie dog brooches and they sold like hot cakes last time round. They are really fiddly to make, but everyone loves them. I have sent my egg cosies to Omlet to put in their on line shop, so we will see if they sell. I need more confidence in what I do.

I have cut of loads to take on holiday with me. Sitting my the pool sewing away to my hearts content. Will take some scottie dogs too.

We are both really looking forward to our hols this year. 10 days in a friend's villa. Confirmed seats both ways, so no worrying about 'will we get on' etc. We both need a break from the stresses of life and this will do it. Less than a month to go! Yayyyyyy.

Right, better dash. A few last this to do before I tidy up the lounge. Fabric scraps get everywhere!
I am visiting my Gran in Kent tomorrow, so have made her a bag and will fill it with 1/2 dozen eggs and some chocolate biscuits I baked today.

Nigella's chocolate biscuits. Naughty but nice! I did save a couple for when Jase gets home tomorrow. Well, there were more than a couple, but quality control meant that there aren't that many left. *blushes*

Nighty night all. Hope you are all ok?

C x x

p.s Ooooh, I forgot to mention the new look (as if you hadn't noticed)! What do you think. I like the fresh look to it. Have changed a couple of fonts after feedback saying it was hard to read, so hopefully that is better now?


  1. Michelle (MadMitch on Omlet forum)17 June 2010 at 21:33

    Glad you're feeling a bit better. I love your new look, nice and fresh :o)

  2. Louise (Louise62 on Omlet forum)19 June 2010 at 22:05

    Love your sewing projects Christian. You have inspired me get my sewing machine out again!
    Just bought myself a lovely 1930's chintz china tea set, so need to make a tea cosy to go with it.

  3. The new-look site is great and I love your projects. You really should have more confidence in yourself- you have great ideas and your stuff looks really well-made. You really inspire me to make stuff-I wanted a beach bag for my hols but couldn't find one I liked so I've made one myself! All thanks to your inspiration! I'm always showing other people your site-its great. Keep it up! Suzanne xx

  4. I like the new look, although at first I thought I'd clicked on the wrong favourite lol! Anyway as always you inspire me with your creativity and time you have to do stuff. Have a lovely holiday! Jane

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments!!

    C x


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