Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Holiday Blues......

7 days in a beautiful villa, no neighbours, just sun, scenery and a lovely pool! We arrived at lunchtime on the 15th after an uneventful flight. Took a couple of wrong turns to get to the villa but made it in one piece. The hire car seemed sluggish, but i thought it was due to it being a smaller engine than my Mini. Then I realised i was driving with the handbrake on!
*embarrassing or what*

We spent a week doing very little, just lazing by the pool and generally recharging our batteries. A couple of trips to the local pottery place to pick up a few bits (mainly to replace the things i broke in the villa) *whoops* and then it was time to pack up and head home again :0(

The airport had obviously opened it doors to every chav in Portugal. Maybe it was day release for them? The queues were unreal, with shell suit clad bodies everywhere, laden with bags of cheap booze and Portuguese goats cheese to take home and probably throw away. With the promise of 'great deals' behind us we headed for the restaurant (what i really mean is canteen). As nearly all the flights were delayed, ours included, the shelves were bare! Except for a lone samosa and a festering chicken roll. After a couple of hours waiting, the flight left Faro and we headed home, mumbling the words 'private jet'. We finally got home at 1.30 on Sunday morning.

We spent all day Sunday, washing clothes and getting ready for work on Monday. I will never have just one day off before work again. The garden has gone beserk with beans, chard, tomatoes and courgettes.
I picked 5 vases of sweetpeas and still left loads to pick later!

I have just got back from a 3 day trip to Stockholm and Milan. I'm soooo tired and am back again tomorrow for another trip. Jason is in Helsinki tonight and home tomorrow lunchtime. We will pass on the motorway and i won't see him again until Saturday :0(

Checked on the hens as soon as i got in, and found an egg from Laverne. That means Shirley and Babs aren't laying! They all seemed fine huddled up together. Definately need more chickens!

I will hopefully have more time to write in Lyon on Friday/Saturday so until then........Bye C x x

Update! Shirley laid an egg today!!! Yay!


  1. Oh dear - at least I hope grabbed some sunshine whilst in Portugal

    What a lovely surprise - those gorgeous sweet peas and garden produce - and best of all you chickens.

    Chin up - when you get to see each you can have a second 'honeymoon' :-)


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  2. Thanks Dilly!
    I have changed the settings! Its still all new to me this 'blog' lark!

    C x

  3. I noticed - that was quick - just thought it would encourage more peeps to leave a comment.

    I get on average 200 - 300 visitors a day - but just a few comments.

    People tend to look at lots of blogs - usually 'hop from one to another' so typing in comments in time consuming when you visit a lot.

    Why not put a counter on yours - you will be amazed at how many people actually will be visiting.

    If you go to my website and scroll down to my webcounter on the right hand side - you can click on it and it will 'walk' you through getting one for here.

    You just need your blog address, which you can copy and paste.

    Have fun

  4. hey christian.

    Thanks for showing me this, i hope you post everyday LOL.

    You can sprinkle a little bit of jet set glam into my day then. Haha.

    i hope you have a lovely evening with jase.

    Take Care Lovely.

    Lots of love Seths Mommy.

    [the non american Mom word user!]


  5. So young man - what happened to that post whilst you were in Lyon? Not up to mischief I hope.

    Here I am slaving away AND writing up blog posts to keep you all happy, and you are feet up on the table in some posh hotel somewhere, with a ciggie in one hand, and drink in t'other and watching telly no doubt. Tish

  6. Oh Dilly! Long story! Needless to say I didn't make it to Lyon!

    Will pm you the details!

    C x


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