Wednesday, December 07, 2011

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Right, 10 minutes to upload pictures and explain where I have been for the past couple of weeks! I seem to be stuck in a loop, where I sit down to update my blog and get sucked into the world of the internet, youtube videos, that are all linked and before you know it, you have lost 7 hours, your tea is frozen in the mug, (believe me, it does in this house) and you need to go and shave again....!

I always forget how manic things are at this time of year. Four Christmas fairs, coupled with moving house, builders in and work, have been driving me completely loopy. Loopier than usual.

Firstly, the fairs!

My little stocking & robin tree decs -

'Long sock' stockings were popular!

I sold so many hot water bottle covers!

I like adding little touches to my stall, like a wooden spoon in a mixing bowl with the mini cakes and filled stockings to show what Father Christmas might leave....

I did really well at the Weyhill Christmas fair this year. It makes all the hard work worth it. Old customers came back to see my wares and it was lovely to see them! One lady from Denmark bought so much from me! She even made me a felt heart to hang on my tree and fill with sweets! Will take a picture next time......

Work on Bramble cottage continues. It took Matt so long to dig out the area for the run, he worked so hard on it, but someone deemed it necessary to concrete in railway sleepers! They support trains for God's sake, you don't need concrete to support a bag of compost from the garden centre!!
You remember the garden as it was? Here well things have changed slightly -

and here -

I was sure I had taken a picture of the finished run, but can't find it now. It's dark, so will take one when I get a chance. The girls moved in with squeaks of excitement! It was so funny to watch. They are getting used to the ladder to take themselves off to bed, and only needed a bit of encouragement, with corn and a gentle shove to go up. It would appear that a couple of my hens suffer from vertigo.
As the eglus are on two levels (ground floor and mezzanine)!!, I asked matt to build a panel that slots in, so I can separate the runs for introductions. It works brilliantly! More pics to follow!

A neighbour saw the pile of sleepers in my parking space. She rolled down the window of her shiny black4x4 and I was greeted by peroxide blonde hair and ridiculously oversized sun glasses. "Those sleepers, I want them. I want raised beds for vegetables"!! She barked. Once the urge to say "I want, doesn't get" had passed, I explained that I hadn't decided what to do with them. She drove off leaving a cloud of dust in her wake and spewing gravel against my front door. Manners cost nothing. Another neighbour then knocked at my door and explained that a old lady down the lane was after some sleepers for her veggies as she had trouble bending down and wanted raised beds. "How much would you like for them, if you aren't keeping them"? £20, a hand shake and the deal was done. Nice.

The kitchen is 'work in progress' The base units are in, but still waiting for the worktops to be fitted. Matt had to move the electrics for the new hob & cooker. Chasing out walls, drilling and lifting floorboards....

It will be stunning, I keep telling myself!

A local company are making the worktops out of recycled floorboards. I have seen them and they will look amazing. Only slightly more expensive than standard Ikea block worktops, but they look old and more in keeping with the cottage. Need to make curtains to cover the front of the base units now.

The best news I have had all week is that Jase has found somewhere to live! We viewed a flat 2 weeks ago and they have now accepted his offer. Things tend to drag, but hopefully he will be in sometime in January! So pleased for him. I actually got a bit 'motional when he told me.

One thing I have learnt with old properties is that you cannot hang large pictures on the walls.....all my walls are 'out' so nothing hangs properly! I don't mind. Quirkiness is great. The freezing cold isn't. I am stunned at what a difference central heating makes to a house (obviously). With the Ecrap-omy 7 heating here, it is always cold. Time to move my bed into the kitchen to be next to Stanley the Rayburn. I have resorted to using a mini oil filled radiator in the spare room, as it is baltic in there. Polar bears have moved in. Can't wait for the real winter temperatures. At least I have lots of logs for the open fire.

The EDF saga continues. Another appointment missed and a £20 compensation cheque received so far. They will be here on the 15th December to remove my 'payment-dodging-chav' key meter. It is like an addiction, checking how much power I am using! Ooooh, 37p for the washing machine, the kettle costs 3p. I must get out more. At least when the other meter is fitted, I can't see how much I am using, The bill every month will be a shock.....The electrician will be here on Monday to install my new RCD consumer unit (fuse box to the layman, like me) & the outside plug for the hens' underfloor heating - joke.

6 large Christmas puddings made this week and many, many orders refused..... :0( I hate letting people down, but I can't make any more this year. Next year I will be more organised. I now have 13 puddings to deliver/drop off/post and that's me done! Had Bing's Christmas collection crooning away in the kitchen whilst I steamed the puds. Dead festive. So much so, that I bought a mini tree from the Fairground centre and walked it home, to a bemused look from drivers. Well, the tree is only 1.5ft tall. He looks great on my coffee table.
Next was the mantlepiece decs, only an oak beam inlaid into the brickwork, so after a few panel pins, dried orange slices, lights, floristry wire, hammered thumbs and lots of swearing, the lounge is decorated! Is 180 lights too many?? I won't look at the meter when the lights are on. Much.

Time to pack for work, wrap the last of the puddings and then chill out for the evening. I treated myself to The Polar Express dvd in the supermarket today. And a large bar of chocolate. *wishes there was a tiny font, so you couldn't read that last sentence*

Thanks again for all the positive vibes for the move. I'm settling in nicely now. Christmas is fast approaching...fa la la la laaa, la la la la......

C x x x


  1. Great post! And the picture look fab!! Love your writing skills ... It is like as if you are just here next to me :)

    Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!!

    Caroline xx

  2. Lovely pictures of your wares on your stall. Looks like you have been very busy!

  3. Great update as always and pleased the railway sleepers went to the right home ;-) Look forward to seeing the kitchen when its finished.

  4. Great update Christian!
    Have you considered a multifuel stove for the living room? Much more efficient than an open fire - and you can still have the door open (on many models - check before you buy) - if you want to. We switched many years ago, and it's much better. If you are prepared to use coal as well (no good if you want to use the ash in the chooky dust baths) then you can keep the fire in overnight so it's all warm in the morning. an't wait to see next update of pics, all looking fab.

  5. Looks like you are getting there slowly! It makes me want to move!
    Keep warm!

  6. What a lovely post Christian, you're obviously both busy and happy in your new home. Your stall at the craft fair looks full of lovely things, so glad you did well. Pity I'm not near enough to come to see it for real:)


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