Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The tin has been opened

Evening everyone.

A busy week so far. Work got in the way for a few days, but have enjoyed my 2 days off. Waited in all day for EDF energy to come round and take out the awful key meter and replace it with a standard one. They didn't show up. All day listening for the door, unable to leave the house and for what?? The call centre staff were very apologetic. Not their fault, but honestly, now I have to make another appointment and stay in again. I hope they forget my first bill.

I took a few pictures of the garden and hens today. Work starts on the chicken run on Monday and I can't wait. The girls are all moulting now and have stopped laying for the winter. The past couple of days the temperature has really dropped and they have gone into winter mode. Eating more and sleeping lots!

A little picture of my garden gate (fascinating n'est Pas)??!

...and one of my tiny garden.

The walk in run will be at the end, where all the shrubs are. It should be just about the width of the garden, with a small lean to on the left. Proper roof and guttering, with an eglu on the ground outside and one on a table above it. Will be great when it is done as I won't have to worry about them when away.

The electrician has been and informed me I need a new fuse box with an RCD unit. All Greek to me, but it means that I can have an outside plug!! I need one desperately for the chickens. Not for their hairdryers, but for the new fandangled-electric-drinker-thingy that stops the water freezing. It is just a low voltage plastic disc, that the metal drinker sits on. The days of lighting a tea light in a jam jar won't work here at Bramble Cottage as I don't know the neighbours well enough to ask them to do it. When I am away it will make life so much easier.

I have now spent the evening talking to EDF energy. I should have stuck with Southern electric, but spookily enough, it is Southern electric that were supposed to take out the meter, even though my account is with EDF. I had no idea that electricity companies were so incestuous!! The lovely Melanie is going to call me back. I hope.

Fire is lit, Stanley is warming the kitchen and I have a few orange slices drying in the warming oven. The house smells like Christmas again.

I am doing a fair on Saturday. A local primary school, so have spent the day sorting out things for that. Need to bake lots of gingerbread men on Friday. They proved popular at the Michaelmas fair in September. Will be a challenge in the Rayburn.

Right, time to put the tin of Celebrations away. Stress with electricity companies forced me to open it. I think 15 Bounties, Milky ways and Galaxies will do for today. No will power. Shouldn't have bought them in the first place.


C x x x


  1. When utilities let me down, I always ask if they will refund me the equivalent of a day's wages. Gets them round sharpish.

  2. Maddening when this sort of thing happens. Hope the Celebrations helped you cope - trust it was 15 altogether not 15 of each:)
    I like the idea of drying orange slices - haven't ever tried but think I might give it a try

  3. you will get there, love the bijou garden, your hens will be so pampered there. try not to overdo it! spend some time just enjoying what you have, otherwise you will wear yourself out xxx

  4. Funnily enough, after a slim couple of months at the end of summer our hens have really picked up their egg laying. We're getting two a day every day from three hens at the moment. Last month and for the two months before that we were lucky to get one egg a day, and for most of that time we had four hens.

    Good luck with the walk-in run. We have one, and it's absolutely the best thing for a home chicken keeper.

  5. I love the garden gate - it looks like it should lead into a "Secret garden"!


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