Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miss Marple...?

Evening All!

Another hectic week off for me.

It started with Mum, Dad, Brother and lovely Matt the carpenter visiting Bramble Cottage. Brother was there to look at the bathroom, (he is a plumber) and Matt was there with a very thick pad to look at the garden and measure up for the chicken run. Not forgetting, replacing the bathroom windows, sorting out the draughty back door, somehow building a kitchen, installing worktops, shelving in the larder and a built in cupboard in the spare room. I swear his eyes had pound signs in them!! I have asked for individual quotes for each job, so that I can get them done as and when finances allow.

Mum and Dad loved the house. They asked where the stairs were? - Behind the cute cupboard door! I have always wanted stairs in a cupboard!! So excited!!

Popped into Town yesterday. Never a good idea to go on a Saturday. Honestly, a bar of soap wouldn't go a miss with some of the people out and about. Managed to get hold of a new magazine - the sole purpose of going - called Craft Seller! Ideal for all those who sell their crafty things. I love it. Really appropriate for what I do, packed with great ideas! It even included a 'How to' by one of my favourite crafters Laura Clempson over at Cupcakes for Clara A cute little blue bird!

I even found myself in a sports shop. *Picks himself off the floor*. I needed some jogging bottoms - not for jogging, but for lazy evenings in the winter. Plus a new pair of jogging shorts and trainers for when I begrudgingly go to the gym at work.

2 pairs of jeans which are slightly buttock enhancing, were also purchased! An expensive 'quick pop into Town for a magazine'!

The weather has been dreadful, so perfect for staying in and packing, ready for the move. I have given at least 100 books to charity, pictures and clothes too. I still have another 2 bin bags full of clothes that no longer fit (yay) to take tomorrow. This weight loss lark is an expensive business.

I have to say, one of the funniest comments on my blog, was left by Alison last week - see here I actually laughed out loud when I read it! I am still waiting for the thick leather bound dossier to arrive, but I am sure that Alison is doing her best......several cups of tea and slices of cake, in pursuit of the answers about the Hungerford chef.

Thought it would be a good idea to keep a few boxes spare, to fill with things that I no longer want, but don't want to just give away. I heard about a car boot sale not far from here in Picket Piece, so went along to check it out. *remember brolly next time* It was really good and quite busy until the heavens opened, but I managed to find shelter under the doughnut stand. A cinnamon 'donut' and cup of PG later, I was ready to elbow the good people of Andover out of the way for something I wanted.

I didn't intend on buying anything. That is like me going into McDonalds for a bottle of water and not coming out with a cheeseburger, Filet-o-fish, small fries and a strawberry milkshake. Impossible, or maybe that's just me? I did find an old suitcase from the 40's/50's. A bargain at £6, plus a handful of embroidery silks for 50p. A good day's shopping.

The house move is going to be delayed I think. The lady buying our house hasn't got her mortgage through yet. Not surprising really as she still hadn't applied for it up until 3 days ago. Did I mention that we were all working towards completing on the 3rd of October? No? Well, that was the plan. Who knows when it will be now? It would have been great to move on the 3rd as I had another 8 days off afterwards, to get settled in and maybe even do some decorating. I will be calling my solicitor tomorrow to have a quiet word....

Agnes and Cornelia are dropping feathers everywhere. Corny always looks so miserable when she is moulting, barely eats anything, and generally looks unhappy. It does take a lot out of them, but I have added a tonic to their water and some spice to their food to perk them up a bit. I have discovered they will do anything for raspberries! My autumn fruiting rasps are giving me a handful or so every day. Any that are a bit soft, i throw into the chicken area, resulting in a mad scramble! I make sure that Cornelia gets a couple extra.
Pru has stopped laying, which leaves good old Elsbeth as always. 5 eggs a week for the next few weeks I hope. I think when the chicken run is ready and I have settled into Bramble Cottage, I might get a couple of hybrids to provide me with eggs through the winter.

Sorry I haven't got any pictures this week. The light has been grey and nothing came out very well. :0( I will take some of the fair which is in 2 weeks' time. Looking forward to that and have organised everything in boxes today. Just some oatie biscuits to bake the day before and maybe some gingerbread men if I have the time?

Better get a wiggle on. Need to light a candle for the tenth anniversary of September the 11th. The TV is off - after watching United 93 on the telly last night, I don't want to see anymore.

Be safe.

C x x x


  1. Hi Christian. Two cream teas later and no sign of the chef at rafters in the arcade!! I will persevere for you though. Love Alison x

  2. Well, I know you will take my future happiness seriously Alison, so a few more cream teas are needed I think........ ;0)


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