Friday, August 12, 2011

Burying nuts?


Firstly, sorry for the typos that will no doubt be in this update. My fingers are freezing (who would guess that it is August) and I am watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the tele......

Ok, so what have I been up to this week? The big news is that we have sold the house.....for those that didn't know. My offer has been accepted on Bramble Cottage (yes, I have named it already) and things are plodding on, with solicitors, estate agents and surveyors. I would love to move in the first week of October, but time will tell if everything goes to plan.

Jase and I went to the house last week as he hadn't seen it and I wanted to measure the windows and see if some of my furniture would fit through the doors. We managed to get a picture of the garden. There is at least another metre or so of land behind the stone trough - that is where I plan to put the hens. The lawn will go and be replaced with raised veggie beds. The working garden.

There is a small courtyard off the lounge, that I will gravel and put out a table and chairs. A few pots and that will be my garden.

I am now starting to worry about getting logs and oil for the winter, the single glazed wooden windows and the lack of heating. I have the Rayburn - have I mentioned the Rayburn before??, yes, I HAVE A RAYBURN, in cream, it is stunning - and there are God awful-electricity-munching storage heaters in the lounge and bedrooms. The Rayburn should keep the kitchen warm and there is a fireplace in the lounge - hence the need for lots of logs. I won't freeze, but after the winter we had this year, I am not taking any chances. Time to start making another patchwork quilt; one that I can leave on the sofa.

I made the kindle case and it was picked up this week! I was happy with it and so was Bev!

I had lots of oranges, so decided to make candied peel. It is such a faff to make, but tastes wonderful. I plan to make lots and sell it at the Christmas fair in November, once each stick has been dipped in chocolate of course....!

The weather hasn't been that good this week or this summer in fact. A good year for fruit, but the veggies really aren't doing well. The little pear tree is nearly at braking point. I must thin out some of the fruit this week.

The blueberry tree I bought 6 years ago as a little green twig for £2 has gone mad. This is the second bowl I have had this week and there are plenty more left on the bush. I had some raspberries from the supermarket and made a couple of jars of blueberry and raspberry jam.

I finally have runner beans! Only a few but many more flowers appearing.

The autumn raspberries are fruiting already. Most are green, but I picked a couple of handfuls today. The hens got a few over ripe ones that I missed.

Jase and I picked up 24 boxes and 50 metres of bubble wrap today. That should just about do for my books and half my cookware. I should start packing soon, just bits and pieces that I don't need urgently. It would be a good time to declutter, highly unlikely I know. I like to hoard. Whether it is books, jams, bottled fruit or 'winter stores'.....I should have been born a squirrel. Popped in to visit my Mum and left with a couple of bags of apples and some oranges, so more candied peel started this evening. Will make apple and blueberry jam tomorrow. One I haven't done before, but fruit combos seem to sell well.

Cornelia must have heard me bad mouthing her in my last blog entry, she has been laying quite well - as have the others. Mum and Dad had 4 boxes of eggs last week and I have another 2 boxes full today. Cake baking is in order tomorrow.

A couple of days left until I am back at work. A nice 5 day block and then 3 days off again. It comes around so quickly!

Better dash, as I have a 'number 4' felt badge to sew for a young man's birthday on Sunday!

C x x x


  1. I am impressed - it seems that your house sale and new purchase are going reasonably quickly and well! May the gods continue to "bless" your activities!

  2. Sounds like things are going well for the move. You will love the Rayburn, I'm not sure I could survive without one!

    Your blueberry is doing better than mine, I only managed to pick a few berries before the birds stripped it!

  3. So much to look forward to!

    Howard wants to have a go at candied peel, and then cover it in chocolate. Personally, no a big fan of citrus, so that can be his project.

  4. Fantastic news about Bramble Cottage, Christian.
    Fingers crossed for a fast move xx

  5. hope you are not going too far Christian. Its been nice knowing you were down the road and round the a bit further down the road turn left etc. Hope Bramble cottage brings you joy. Let me know where you will be :)

  6. Thank you for all the good wishes!

    Linda, I am moving 3 miles down the road to Weyhill! So still not far.

    Thanks for the offer to hen sit for a week. I might be ok, but will get in contact if things don't work out. The lady buying Farm Cottage is lovely, so I am hoping that I can leave them here until the new walk in run is built.....she wants hens, so fingers crossed.....

    C x


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