Saturday, April 09, 2011

Possibly another addiction

March has flown by and here we are in April already! Had a busy few days at work and at home. Just tomorrow off now and then back to work for 4 days. *whispers* I then have 13 days off!!!!

I spent a wonderful day in Copenhagen last week and discovered a shop just minutes from the hotel!

It sells an array of gorgeous things! Mainly garden related, but one of those places where you could (well I certainly could) spend hours looking at everything! I was particularly taken with the tins. I think I may have a tin problem!

Jase and I have been pottering in the garden. Garage and shed painted, plum and ornamental cherry pruned back and I gave the outbuilding a lick of 'Hunter's green'.

I picked up a couple of oil lamps for emergency power cuts! So cheap I couldn't resist! Need to find clear lamp oil now, so will pop into Town tomorrow and have a look in the hardware shop.

I have also been invited to attend the Appleshaw Plant sale and Spring fair on the 23rd of April! Preps are now under way to get organised for that. I have been asked to bring my eglu along to show it off as the organiser thinks it will be really popular! Now I need to think about what to take along that is springy (maybe a made up Christian word)?? Need to get a garden gazebo as it is an outdoor event. Argos has one and I have vouchers, so will get it tomorrow. Sunday is a good day to go shopping in Town. Most are still asleep, so I can potter around without the usual people stopping randomly in front of me! Oooh, how I hate that. People should be fitted with indicators and brake lights! Enough ranting now.

Time I headed to bed, another sunny day forecast tomorrow and i have seeds to plant.

C x x x

p.s If you are reading this Lauren, you bag is in the post!


  1. I read that as "garage and shed painted plum " it is Sunday and I am tired - love the blogs - did you buy a tin? Ali (aka Alis girls)

  2. Mr.Lehmann!

    Those broad beans look good and I love the oxo tins.

    We need more shops like that!

    Martin :)


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