Friday, April 22, 2011

A bit of sun

OK, can't dwell on this, so thought it time to update with some nice pictures! The weather has been glorious all week, so here is hoping it continues.

Firstly, the Appleshaw Plant and Spring Fair is tomorrow! I planted up pots and pots of runner and french bean seeds, to sell at a pound a pot. So far there is evidence of ONE seed having germinated. I can't sell pots of soil and a plant label, can I??? Never mind!

I finished off several sets of red, white and blue bunting for the fair!

I have potted up lots of strawberry runners to sell at 50p a pot. They are Cambridge I think!

Out and about last week and we needed some bits from Homebase. I couldn't leave this poor little pot of Mangetout to get thrown away. With a bit of TLC and some seaweed solution, they are all doing quite well now.

I simply cannot be trusted when seed packets are on a 3 for 2. I know, I know, bad, but will brighten up the garden when they grow!

Thanks for all the lovely comments you have sent me. Really special. WIll leave you with a little picture of the blossom on my pear tree. It is starting to drop now and the pears are forming. Will be a bumper crop this year I think!

C x x x


  1. lovely bunting have some left over from school fete - not red, white and blue but will add a nice touch. Hope you are OK Ali x

  2. I am growing zinnia too - for the first time.



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