Friday, September 10, 2010

Anyone for squash?

I usually handle stress quite well. I am a rare breed that CAN multi task. This is due to the fact that I have several things on the go at any one time. More due to a chaotic brain than good planning! However, my brain is aching at the mo, with things to do/plan for the fair. I have so much stuff, but worrying that it won't be enough. I plan to make biscuits the day before, plus mini fruit cakes next week, but it is just fitting everything in.

Today, I woke up at stupid o'clock and got ready. In town by 9am and picked up potatoes and other bits for dinner.
Headed to Quilter's Dream for felt. They didn't have any, so I ended up being incredibly naughty and bought more fabric. I have the self control of a starving dog in a butcher's. These are 'charm packs' apparently. They are beautiful, complimentary colours. Will cut each one into four to start another quilt off.

Got home and made several beef olives for the freezer and then noticed a few over ripe bananas. I am trying really hard to not throw any food away, so decided to bake an apricot, sultana and banana (funnily enough) loaf! It turned out pretty well. Although it doesn't look like that now. A couple of slices were consumed, just to make sure it was cooked.

I heard a racket coming from the hens and dashed out to see what was up. Elsbeth had laid an egg outside again, which Pru was tucking into, orange yolk dripping from her beak! Elsbeth is nearly 4 and still laying most days, her shells are getting thinner and break on impact with the ground. Pru is a nightmare when it comes to fresh eggs! Touching wood here, but she doesn't eat any that are laid in the nest boxes. I placed a rubber egg outside and watched as Elsbeth guarded the egg, pecking any hen that came near her. Shame she doesn't protect her own!

The sweetcorn is ready for picking. I had one the other day and it was so, erm, sweet! I only have a few cobs, but worth the effort.

The pear tree is groaning under the weight of all the fruit. I have supported a few branches with string to stop them snapping off.

I have several pumpkin/squash plants dotted around the garden, but no longer any idea which is which. I think one is a patty pan, as that rings a bell! Answers on a postcard please......

The swiss chard, spinach and parsnip bed was being ravaged by sparrows. I have now covered it over and hope that, with some fleece, it will survive the winter. The chard and spinach is great for the hens, as you can pull a few stems off, hang them up and watch the raptors tear pieces off. The vitamins do them good over winter too.

I have planted some leaf beet 'orange fantasia' in the green house, but it is taking it;s time. Will plant it out when it is a bit bigger. I might have to cave in and get some winter veg seedlings from the garden centre, as mine don't seem to be doing too well. No one needs to know!

Once all the cooking, baking and hen cleaning was done, I sat down with a cuppa and a slice (or two) of cake to chill out. The postwoman knocked on the door with a few parcels. Country living magazine for me, a couple of Christmas presents (yes, I have started shopping already) and a book that I have been waiting for from Green Metropolis. I have been after it for ages!

I have finished the scottie dog brooches! 14 made and ready for the fair. They take so long, but look cute, so will hopefully sell.

Jase has just called to say he has landed, so should be home in a hour. Better sort out dinner and the hens' treats before they start bokking!!

Have a good weekend!

C x x x


  1. I'm sure the fair will be great, you have worked so hard to prepare everything.

    Your pear crop is amazing, we lost all our apples to the wasps this year, grrr.

    The sweetcorn looks good too, I would love to grow some. I like to give a cob to the hens and watch them attack it like piranhas!

  2. Fantastic production Christian - both in the garden and the house. You are such a busy-bee.

  3. Christian, 'Charm Packs' are great. I made my first lap quilt a couple of months ago using 2 packs. I am now on my second quilt and I'm using 3 packs by Moda and I'm trying the 'disappearing 9 patch block', so far so good. Are you sure you haven't got 'Layer Cake' packs? I think they are the larger ones.

  4. Yep, probably layer cakes Louise, or some such Baked goods! The world of Moda terms is all new to me! Hee hee!

    C x x

  5. My, there is no stopping your is there.

    There do not appear to be any Patty Pan's in your photos. PP's are flattish and yellow or orange most usually and look a bit like a turban. Maybe yours have cross polinated and all ended up green. They will taste great anyway, and when I get a surplus I eat my pumpkin/sqashes when they are young in mixed roast veggies and freeze the mixtures for winter

  6. Thanks Lottie. There are starting to slowly go yellow!


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