Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm a patchworker! Ish.

Evening All!

Once again, apologies for not posting in a while. I cannot talk about it at the moment, but I haven't slept properly for a few weeks. Nurofen is my constant companion to try and stop the headache that I seem to wake up with every morning. Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted. I did that today.

I am at home tonight, with the fire lit and waiting for Jase to come back tomorrow.

On to happier things!! I have managed to get more of my quilt done!

All the squares are cut and ready to sew. I am loving the look of it so far. 2 weeks off now, so there is no excuse not to get it done. Although the garden is still screaming for loving attention.

I have planted some sweetpea seeds this week. They are snuggled up in the green house with my broad beans, that are doing well. I will order more seeds this week, as spring is officially here now! *smiles*

The girls are laying well. A full house today. Jase was out with them this week, doing some garden clearance. A job their feet are well designed for! More moss out of the lawn too! Plus, with the warmer weather, they did a spot of sun bathing!!

That's me done for tonight. Sorry if this post sounds negative. I really try and keep my blog entries upbeat, but this week has taken it's toll and drained all my 'happy vibes'. Next week will be better!!


  1. Quilt looking good - use it as a therapy Christian - Hope things get better for you both

  2. I'd have said the only way is up - but I guess that's what you'd be doing if there wasn't industrial issues! Chin up!

  3. Hope it all works out for you both. Unfortunately we sometimes have to fight to be treated well-something that we all deserve anyway. Keep up the good work with the quilt.I'm making one too at the moment but usingt he "Suffolk Puff" technique-its great to see it grow isn't it. love Suzanne xx

  4. Oh dear, you sound so down :-( not like you at all. At least it's now spring, shame the weather has turned back again (well it has up here in the not so sunny north!) anyway your quilts looking great, wish I had half the skills you have! Chin up! LGx

  5. Christian. {{hugs}} I don't ever recall reading an entry of your blog that came accross quite so, tired? Not sure if thats the right word at all but, you seem to have lost a bit of your drive and energy. I hope the time off helps. I wish I could offer more than cyber hugs and a few words of support. Be kind to yourself.



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