Friday, September 18, 2009

The dust has settled....

...everywhere! My Brother has finished the en suite shower room, replastered a bedroom, down the stairs, part of the kitchen and the main bathroom and the powder is all over the place. The hoover has done a pretty good job so far, but there isn't a surface anywhere without a fine layer of white dust!

We started painting the en suite today. 'Buff' by Farrow and Ball. Not because I have a Buff Sussex (although that is one reason, hee hee), but it fits very well with the new shower tiles and is quite dark so will look good against the white suite.

Finally, here are some pictures of our new doors. I know 'doors are doors', but I have wanted reclaimed pine latch doors for years!

and the latches.....

I can't stop staring at them. Am I strange? Don't answer that.

Went to Homebase to get a few bits for decorating and picked up some violas for the window box at the front. Had a couple spare, so potted them up and will keep them in the kitchen.

Recycle. The possibilities are endless!

Received a private message from someone on the forum. She suggested making small wheat bags for hand warmers. Ideal for the school run or dog walkers on cold winter mornings!

Had a sewing day and made several more wheat bags and a few more vase covers.

I love them so much that I am tempted to keep them and not take them with me to the Fayre. Talking of which, I called this week to pop in and let them see my wares. It was 'not convenient' and I have been asked to visit the first week of October. I am worried that the fayre will be fully booked and I won't get a stall now. Can't think about it. I have worked really hard to do this and will be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

We went to see Michael MacIntyre last night in Basingstoke. He was really good. Very 'real life' comedy and quite 'blue', I sound like an pensioner with that comment! Great though. Highly recommend seeing him.

No eggs yesterday, but 3 today. Agnes and Winifred are still not laying, but their feathers are starting to grow back. Am now mixing poultry spice in with their pellet porridge every day to give them a boost. I just hope they feather up fully before it gets really cold.

The garden STILL hasn't been tackled. I might as well wait until the first frosts to kill off the weeds now. My autumn raspberries are fruiting up nicely. Picked a few yesterday. Not quite enough for jam, not even enough for a garnish, but a start.

Better get an early night as the kitchen is looking like Homebase paint department as we have so much painting to do. Pots of paint, brushes, rollers and dust sheets are not helping my ocd, as the house is a tip. Not that I am obsessively clean and tidy you understand. The office is my dumping ground and is truly shocking state of affairs at the mo. You can't see the bed for cushion covers, bags of Christmas pressies (yes, I started months ago) and general bits and pieces. Another job that needs doing.

Enough of me rambling on. Time for bed. Speak soon and hope you all have a great weekend.

C x x x

Update! I have just been looking at my counter and I am only a few hits away from 10,000 'hits'. I looked at the referrers to my page and saw that I am nominated for a little blog award through Dorset cereals!! How nice is that? I love their Honey and nut granola if they want to send me a prize! *wink* Little Blog Awards

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