Monday, September 28, 2009

Danish Pastry?

Greetings from wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! Arrived here at lunchtime and was in my favourite fabric shop by 2pm *wink* Wasn't too naughty and only bought 3 metres of lovely material that will be turned into more vase covers, a few draw string bags and what ever else takes my fancy. Maybe a cushion cover or two.
One flight home tomorrow, another 3 day trip after that, and then my part time week off!! Doesn't time fly?

We visited a friend's small holding last week and picked a couple of tub trugs of crab apples. Think I was a little bit too keen on the number we picked. 2 sink fulls, so graciously gave some to next door.

I now have lots of jars of pink crab apple and clove jelly. Lovely stuff and very popular. Had an order for 2 jars before I had even picked them. Was also given a bag of dried hops to use in sleep pillows! Thanks Lesley! *smiles*

Once again I decided that it was Christmas in September and after soaking my dried fruit in brandy and cointreau for 7 days, putting Mr Crosby on the ipod, I made this year's Christmas puddings. Well, the first batch anyway.

I started cooking them at 12 and finished steaming at 9pm. Found Jason's electric steamer in the back of the cupboard and used that, rather than the 'pan on the hob' method. Seemed to cook more quickly, but needed filling up every 30 minutes.
5 down, another 10 (?) to go! Not sure what the postman thought of 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire' blaring out of the stable door.

I made another 8 large and 1 small jars of mincemeat for the Fayre and lots of apple and damson jelly.

The jam pan has been put away for another year now as I have run out of fruit (sobs quietly). I might make more mincemeat if I can get hold of some cooking apples. I now have 80+ jars safely hidden away in the office. Plus a few under the ensuite sink. Some in the out building. And under the utility room sink. A jam problem? Me? No more jam. Promise.

The pear tree is looking autumnal. The leaves have turned yellow and the fruit is nearly ready for bottling. Of the 20+ pears that started to grow, I only have a few left. The raspberries on the other hand are doing very well. Will possibly try raspberry jam next week. Oh, forget what I said earlier. I am weak.

We spent Saturday pottering around the house, finishing off painting the bathroom. We have his Sister and New Hubby staying with us from Bonnie Scotland in a couple of weeks, so need to get the bedroom re painted in time. At least it will give us the kick up the backside that we need to get it done. Just the repainting of the hall, stairs and landing and then all is done! 'Just' I say! Lucky that Jase is over 6', as my Hobbit sized proportions aren't conducive to painting a ceiling. Shame. *wink*

I ordered some new business cards which arrived this week. Christian's Cottage is now official. Will sort out a web site when I get a few weeks free. Not very computer savvy. The blog is fine, pictures are easy to upload/download or what ever you do with them, but a web site will challenge my grey cells. I am attaching the cards to my products, with a sticker on the back explaining what they are. I know that candles are self explanatory, but some of my things are a little, well, quirky. Most are tied on with raffia for that 'Cottage chic, homemade' look. I am a sucker for raffia.

My eyes are burning and I feel a bit bunged up today, am hoping it is nothing. Have taken a Lemsip and keeping my fingers crossed! I feel the need to fill the ridiculously large bath and soak for half an hour. Will then crawl into the massive bed, complete with feather topper and hopefully wake up bright eyed in the 'morrow. Pick up is 5.20. AM!! At least I should be home by 11. Really looking forward to picking up a paint brush as I walk in the door.

Have a good week everyone and thanks for reading.

C x x

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