Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where's Elmer Fudd when you need him?

Sorry I haven't been blogging! Have had a very busy week, with work and next doors new additions, but more of that later.
Jase is in bed as he has an early tomorrow. Work have VERY kindly given me a very late shift before my days off, so I don't finish until 10 o'clock tomorrow evening. Am raging if I don't finish by noon on my last day, so a late shift was not welcome.

Every time I come down the lane I marvel at the view. Have been meaning to take a picture for 3 years and finally pulled my finger out! The view from the top of our lane.

The garden is looking better now. It amazes me how much it grows in just a few days away.
The lupins and euphorbia are doing really well. We don't have many slugs and snails here, so the lupins are safe from attack.

The broad beans are doing well and seem to have doubled in size in just a few days.

The carrots are up finally. I clearly didn't sow them as thinly as I originally thought. Will need to thin them when they are slightly larger and hope the carrot fly doesn't smell them. Noticed a tiny shoot in one of my potato bag today. Kind Edwards are the first to show signs of growth. I still have some of last year's stored in the outbuilding in a paper sack.

Unfortunately, we have a fluffy, bob tailed marauder back in the veggie garden. After 3 days at work, I returned to no foliage on my strawberry plants, raspberry canes nibbled to the ground, all the radishes gone and onion shoots eaten! I spent today, stapling chicken wire around the rest of the garden in an attempt to stop them getting in. I really don't want to have to cover every raised bed and just hope that the chicken wire stapled to the fences and blocking up gaps will do the trick.

I still haven't set up the watering system, but have time next week. After tomorrow, I have 13 days off (16 if, I get my days off for May) and am desperate for it! Loads to do as always, but need to be outside and get close to the garden. I am not talking growing dreadlocks and not using deodorant, just getting some soil between my fingers! Maybe I should leave work and become a gardener? Doubt it would pay the mortgage though. Shame.
The weeds are doing extremely well, as I have neglected the back garden somewhat. I am loathed to use weedkiller, but after discovering ground elder today, I might not have a choice. I have dug up so many weed roots now, that I am gradually losing my rag with it. Some chemicals are essential ;0)

The girls are all fine and laying well. We have 5 boxes of eggs in the utility room! With my Mum and Dad away last week, we didn't sell any eggs so they are stacking up. Will pop over and visit them next week and give Dad a few boxes to sell at work.
The hens are like feathered JCBs as every time I go into their 'garden', another pot hole has been dug! Agnes and Cornelia are always the first for a picture. Very photogenic aren't they? The others just run under the privet hedge to escape the camera!

When we moved into this house in May 2006, I put a bird box on the garage. After nearly 3 years, we have residents! I think they are blue tits, but haven't had a really good look yet. You can just see the straw sticking out of the bottom. Must remember to give it a lick of paint later in the year and a good scrub.

Nearly forgot to mention next door!! They finally decided to get chickens!!! Well, I say chickens, they are bantams ;0) Tiny, cute, little fluffy knickered madams that pootle around the garden! I cannot believe how small they are. Very nice to be responsible for 'spreading the chicken word'!! I will try and take some pictures next week.

Right, fire is dying down and I have to go to bed. Please excuse the typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but I was up at 4am this morning. I feel like a little mole, barely seeing the screen and really should head up the wooden hill.

C x x


  1. Hello Christian, what a great blog.Such a lovely reading and interesting pictures. Your girls are absolutly adorable,I wish I would have my own chickens now.I must take some pics of our "adopted" chickens (they are more with us then their owners)and send them to you to compare our pride and joy:-)
    take care and safe flying.

  2. Lucky you with the Lupins! My two lovely hen-friends have wolfed mine down like a shot - Just little spikes remain poking sadly through the ground! However, you do have that pesky rabbit!Good luck with your annual fight with the little critter!
    Happy gardening!


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