Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hilda, my new addition

Now that he has gorged himself on my crops, the rabbit is too fat to get inside my heavily fortified vegetable garden! I saw him this morning, trying to get from the back garden into the chicken area. He got wedged in the willow fencing but managed to free himself!

After a very misty start this morning, the sun finally came out. I have lots of days off now and am slowly working my way through my job list. *Obsessive list maker alert*!! You may remember my satisfaction at list making and, more to the point, my glee at ticking them off! The list has to be written in pencil, don't ask me why. One of my many 'quirks'.

The Postie arrived today with lots of parcels for me. He threatened to black list us, as Jase had a parcel too! Hee hee. I have been ordering a few things on ebay recently. Before you say anything, 3 items were hair products to tame my thick, wild locks, I wish, and the others were vintage fabric - which is allowed!

Will try and make a cushion cover out of this fabric -

.....and this one is just too gorgeous to use. I would like to make lavender bags with it, although it does strike me as Christmassy. Not sure yet. Might save it. I was so excited when the Postie arrived. Been waiting with baited breath for days. Hold on a minute. What has happened to me?? I have become a fabric collecting freak!

As it has been so lovely for the past few days, the garden is getting long awaited attention. Last year I used some old bricks, from the paddock next door, to make a cold frame. Topped with horticultural fleece, it does the job perfectly. Now home to my sweetpeas seedlings, a few pumpkins and my sunflowers.

My shorts got their first airing this year, as I bimbled (thanks for the new word Kate *wink*) around the garden. I finally got round to planting up the long bed under the loathed conifer this week. Raspberries, a fig plant, redcurrants and blackcurrants in their new home. Up against the fence, so that I can net it if birds threaten my berries/fruit.

Potted up the lettuces into individual pots and gave a few to next door.

After the disastrous sweetcorn crop last year, I vowed never to sow it again. However, a new packet ended up in my shopping basket somehow and I have planted up a few pots. I plan to put them in the front garden as a backdrop to cover up the bare fence.

Even the dedicated flower bed is doing well. Not that good with flowers, so quite surprised at this bed. The daffs have done well and given us a fair few vases of flowers. The tulips are the next to brighten up the house. They look like man eating triffids at the mo, but will soon colour up. I have planted calendula next to them and anemones which should spring into life soon. Need to find a few more plants to fill the daff corner. Something hardy to give me flowers into autumn.

Another parcel I received, was this gorgeous pin cushion!! Admittedly, I thought it was a cute chicken 'ornament' when I first opened the package. Even with the pack of pins with it, I still didn't twig was it was.!! Jase had to explain it. I worry about me sometimes. Thank you Kate, I love her. She is called Hilda, the pin cushion hen!

Jase is on a 3 day trip from today, so had left over pasta with lots of grated cheese for dinner. Sat here in my bedtime attire, please no visions of Wee Willie Winkie hats, fire roaring. Horrified to see an advert for Doner Kebab flavoured pot noodle on the telly. As if the noodley chemicals weren't bad enough, they add kebab flavourings to it. *vomit* I wonder what rabbit pot noodle would taste like *wink*

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  1. Aw, I opened this up expecting to see pics of a new Girl.... but Hilda is lovely!

  2. I agree with Witch Hazel, I quite expected a feathered girl not a felted girl!
    Christian, I am sorry to tell you but the fabric collecting disease once caught is incurable!


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