Monday, August 18, 2008

'Frosty the snowman.........'

Christmas is alive and kicking! Well, at Farm Cottage anyway. To the dulcet tones of Dean Martin, with me on backing vocals, I gently creamed the butter and sugar together. Not a kitchen power tool in sight. The trusty wooden spoon and my new Mason Cash mixing bowl. With the bowl under my arm, a la Mrs Beeton, the kitchen was alive with festivites this afternoon. I was making Puddings!!

I do try and make them early. Some would say obsessive so, I think organised. I have already had a couple of orders for this years Christmas puddings, so thought I would get ahead of the game before the orders come flooding in!! It is now 24 minutes past midnight and they are still steaming away slowly.

I couldn't not have Christmas carols whilst stirring the pudding mixture. It wouldn't be right. I think it is law anyway. Some say I am barking mad. I prefer quirky *wink*

Funny when I see my roster and have 12 days off. Where have they gone?? I am back to work on Wednesday for a 3 day block.

Spent the other evening making jam. Not at lunchtime, the middle of the night. Screwed the last lid down at 12.30!!

Apple and damson jam

I made some smaller 'samples' for my Gran's hamper this year -

I went slightly overboard with the damson and apple and ended up with 22 jars. *oops* The plan is to sell them at a Farmers' market in a few weeks.

I made a small batch of plum and ginger jam today. It does taste good, even of I say so myself. 5 jars of that and 5 of apple and elderflower jelly. Beautiful colours and they look pretty good with their gingham tops.

Jase and I went to town, clothes shopping for our holiday. I did pretty well, with several tshirts, the obligatory polo shirt and a couple of jumpers. We then headed off to Camberley and whilst Jase had an opticians appointment, I popped into Waterstones and did a spot of book shopping. They now offer a loyalty card. 3 points for every £ spent. You probably have to spend a few hundreds pounds just to get the latest Jackie Collins, but it is something for nothing I guess.

I picked up a copy of Still life with chickens, which looks like a good read.

Ooooh, I have photgraphic evidence of the ROMD! (rabbit of mass destruction)!!

Not the best picture, but proof!! As long as he stays on the grass he is spared.

I need some advice. How much do I charge for a Christmas pudding that serves 4 (very generously)?? Each one is lovingly prepared, to the tune of 'The Christmas song', served in a ceramic bowl and wrapped in more sellophane and ribbon than you can shake a stick at. Garnished with home made dried orange slices and a cinnamon stick. I am thinking £15, but do want to sell at least one! Answers on a postcard please.

The oven is beeping and I hope to god they are ready. I need sleep!


  1. HI Christian, what's the volume of your pudding? I make some for friends and last year I charged £11.50 for a 2 pint pudding, £6.75 for a 1 pint. That's wrapped and decorated similarly to yours, but in a plastic bowl not a ceramic one (ceramic ones, even from catering suppliers, just got too expensive). tbh, because I use very high quality ingredients (as I'm sure you do)even at that price there is very little "profit", but then I'm not doing it as a business, it's just for friends.

  2. Can't knock you for some early carols. I dreamt it was Christmas last night! If you can sell them at Borough Market, £15 may work, but most people will go oof! And it depends how big they look. £15 if the top is the size of a side plate is possibly ok, but for a diddy one, no. Can you shave it down or do a two for £25? A two-fer deal will sell them, as people will get one for mother or grandma (or whoever) as well as themselves, and will feel they've got a good deal.


  3. Glad you're back: we've missed you.

    Why not have an auction . . .

    My opening bid is £16 to include p&p to Guildford!!

    Happy New Year.


  4. Thanks all!

    The smaller ones are 1/2 pint basins, then 1 pint and 1.5 pint is the largest.

    C x

  5. Your jam looks wonderful, with lovely gingham tops too! Do you do jam making courses as well as chicken keeping courses...?

  6. Thanks Flo,
    Maybe I should do jam courses??! Hehe.

    I have sent you a PM on the forum Max!

    C x

  7. I love it this time of year when you go all Christmassy - well earlier when you do too.

    I can just smell those puddings - you have made me want to hurry up and make mine!


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