Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I woke up this morning and its -4.7!!!! Trekked across the frosty veg garden to let the girls out, with a steaming cup of water to defrost their drinking water. Out they came, clucking away, straight to the food! Typical! Hehe. Checked for eggs, but none as yet. They tend to lay an hour later each day, now that spring is on its way.

We moved to this house in May last year, after living in a town. The village has just 8 houses, 1 post box, no pub, paths, or street lighting and we love it! People are friendlier here, the Postie pops in for a cuppa and the views are stunning!

Have to go back to work tomorrow, after having 6 weeks off with a bad back. Not really looking forward to it, but need to earn some £££££s.

Well thats enough about me!

Speak soon.

C x x x

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