Monday, May 12, 2014

For Nadia, with love//Man flu


Today's blog post is sponsored by Beechams Powders, Lemsip, paracetamol, kleenex with Olbas oil and copious amounts of fresh lemon in hot water.  I FEEL DREADFUL!  Had this cold for 3 days and wake up every morning feeling worse.  Headache, runny nose, my eyes don't feel like my own and generally feel rough.  Dad is in Germany visiting his sister, otherwise I would have left the wonder dog with him.  However, Milo needs his walks and the fresh air should be doing me some good.  Would rather be making a nest on the sofa, surrounded by drugs, tea, chocolate and an array of programmes on Netflicks, but you can't have everything.

I have 2 weeks off now, well, 9 more days.  My brother has finished my bathroom, except for a shower rail which should be done soon.  The dust is taking it's time to settle, so I decided to stop dusting and hoovering, as it's pointless.  Another week should do it, then a mega blitz of the house.  It was worth the 23 days, (yes, really, but he is a perfectionist and needed to do the entrance hall tiling as well, plus painting) of chaos, dust, taking sponge baths in my upstairs sink etc etc, as the bathroom is stunning!  I am so pleased with it.

Now, they say that losing weight is much harder after 40.  I wouldn't know, but next week I will be starting my 4th decade on the planet (who knew I was that old, I barely look a day over 28) need to lose 2 stone in 7 days.  Any tips?  I'm thinking surgery...?

Dad has already bought me my Birthday present.  He suggested a replacement window for the back bedroom, practical as ever, as that is the last window to be done.  I suggested a new sewing machine! Less practical at reducing winter heat loss, but much more fun for me.  The Janome Quilt Master arrived a couple of weeks ago, complete with quilting table, lots of threads, feet and accessories.  The conservatory/sewing room is currently housing rubble and stuff from the bathroom remodelling, but soon I will have it looking tidy and workable again.

Just a couple of threads in my new penguin suitcase!

I stupidly mentioned Cornelia and her broody ways last time I wrote my blog.  She must have read it, as she has been clamped to the nest for 2 weeks now.  Fluffed up, screechy and mean to the others.  She does it every year.  Myrtle the light sussex is moulting, she has bald shoulders and threadbare wings, poor love.  Oona, is still bald from the shoulders down and showing no signs of getting more feathers  All in all a sorry state of affairs, but they are well looked after, cleaned out, fed, watered and treats given, plus Mite powder sprinkled everywhere (smells like tea tree oil and I'm mildly addicted to it).  

The weather has been sunshine and showers (more showers) for a couple of weeks, but between downpours I've managed to get some planting done.  Peas, parsnips, chard, radish are all in.  Sweetcorn, cucamelon, asparagus peas are in pots to go out later this month.  Dahlias and sunflower seeds were planted yesterday, a bit late, but they were cheap in Scats so hoping Mr Slug doesn't find them.  The allotment saga continues.  It is still an overgrown field.  No news.  Bugger.  

I received an ominous email from work this week.  Now I don't really like talking about work on here.  I try and keep my blog light hearted (usually) and work is anything but.  However, work is worrying me.  Changes are a foot and that is rarely a good thing.  Time will tell I suppose and there is no point in worrying.  BUT i'm worried. Talking of work, I flew with the lovely Nadia and she berated me for not writing my blog (again)!  So Nadia, as promised, this is for you.  

I was chatting to my neighbour about buying an old split screen camper van and doing it up, just to escape for a while.  He said "I didn't know you were good with mechanics...."?  I just looked at him blankly and then he said "Oh, it'll have fabulous cushions and curtains".  Yes it will.  The garage down the road can sort out the messy stuff.  I don't do oil changes.  

Something like this would do - Prices start at around £15,000 *shocker

My little lane is an unadopted road which means the Council will not pay for its upkeep.  They are more than happy to grab the council tax every month, and won't discount it, but when it comes to the quagmire & potholes in Winter, we all live with it.  Until now!  The guy at Number one is a builder and has spent a couple of weekends with his mini digger, taking a couple of tipper trucks full of crap off the surface and replacing it with gravel!  It looks so nice now.  I created a raised bed near the parking area and planted up lavender and snap dragons and all the neighbours have made an effort and done the same.  

 The area on the left by the fence will have some sort of edging put in and I have more lavenders to plant there, plus a climber of some sort opposite my kitchen windows.  My next door neighbours always get their hanging baskets from a nursery and pick the flowers, so this year they are getting one for me, so they all match (OCD or what???) but it'll look lovely!

Im still having problems posting from my ipad (yes PJ, i use the blogger app but even if I do it via Safari, it won't let me post) so most of my pictures are on there, but I've emailed a few to my Mac to put on here.  Just a couple of bentos from this week -

Not sure if I mentioned my 'skip diving' (no wet suit required)?  I saw an old bathroom cabinet in a neighbours skip and asked if I could have it.  After removing the mirrors and several coats of Farrow & Ball, it is transformed.  The plan was to insert chicken wire in front of the fabric, but tensions were running high and after a couple of staples to my index finger, I gave up.  I think it's lovely just as it is.  Ignore the checks looking wonky.  It's the camera angle.  Honest. *cough*

(you have no idea how much I had to crop this picture to try and cover up the mess in that room)! I need to find somewhere to put it now.

Time for me to head back to the kitchen for my 3pm pills and to make cheese straws for dog training tonight.  I am getting requests for baked goods every Monday now.  Cheeky buggers. The owners, not the dogs.  Really don't feel up to it, but will dose myself up and i'm sure I'll be fine when i get there.  Milo enjoys it, well the treats, and attention from other owners.  I am tempted to rename him 'Rustle', as every time someone delves into their pockets to get a treat out, he is there!  Brown puppy dog eyes looking for a snack! 

C x x x


  1. Made me smile reading this. Thanks for cheering me up x

  2. Hope you get well soon hunny - so lovely to hear from you.

  3. Poor you. Sods law being unwell during holiday. Fingers crossed about work..could be your 'push' to change direction? have you thought of approaching shops to sell your craft work?
    Look after yourself and wonderboy Milo
    love Di
    from the depths of the Vendee


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