Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday's mutterings

Afternoon everyone!

Bit of an uneventful week really. A couple of house viewings that went well I think, but no offers yet. Still early days though.
Did a 3 day trip (lates, which I hate) then had to take leave in a vain attempt to put me back on earlies - that failed miserably as I got a late Oslo and back on Tuesday. On a positive note though, I was late back in the evening, so they couldn't use me on Wednesday!! I am now off until the 21st of July - back on earlies....yay!!!!

Holiday time is nearly here. We fly off to Faro on Sunday. Business class, confirmed seats, no staff travel malarky!! Weather looks promising, around 30C every day with cooler temperatures at night, so perfect for sleeping. Can't wait! Speedos at the ready (as mentioned before, there are very high walls around the villa and pool, so will not be scaring the locals).

Not really feeling motivated at the mo. The craft room, or 'bedroom 3' as it is now known, remains tidy for viewings. Don't really want to do any sewing for fear of messing up the room. Plus, I'm not sure what to make. I have to get my backside in gear as the craft fair is only a couple of months away, but still undecided what else to do for it. Need to make some more jammy things, but the fruit isn't ready yet.

The gooseberry jam just needs some fabric toppers, then it is ready!

Elsbeth is laying well, her little brown eggs, Pru still hasn't laid since her soft shelled egg last week, but is otherwise ok. Cornelia & Agnes are moulting. Poor Aggie is looking rough as old boots. Bald patches, no tail feathers and looking really sorry for herself. Funny how her and Corny are different breeds, but both born on the same day and both moulting. Mind you, they do go into the Eglu together when one is laying. Reminiscent of girls all going to the toilet together when in a night club. No sign of their handbags though. I am sure that the hens will be spoilt by next door when we are away!

Country living magazine arrived yesterday, but am saving it for the flight to Faro. The kindle is loaded with books, but might need to browse amazon before we go. It is an expensive business this ebook lark.

I am picking a good handful of mangetout every day. Not bad from a few straggly plants on the reduced rack at Homebase. Courgettes aren't looking so great. I have one left and that is under constant slug attack. Mum dropped over 4 cucumber plants to replace the one I lost, so they are dotted around the garden and gave one to next door.

Spent today catching up with weeding, deadheading and a spot of bimbling around the garden. The sun did come out, briefly, only to be replaced by black rain clouds the second I finished watering! Typical. No rain yet though, but loads forecast for the coming week! Shame I'll be in Portugal!


C x x x


  1. Lovely blog my dear old friend : )
    Who knew all these years later that we'd both have changed so much and have so much in common.
    Do your parents still live in Blackwater? If so next time you visit, I'll put in an order with you.
    I have just been sewing this afternoon and made the cutest felt rings.
    Better get some tea on now.
    Lots of love ..lisa xxx

  2. Morning Lisa! Yes, they still live in Hawley! Will give you a ring at 10ish for a chat!

    C x

  3. Hope you had a good holiday Christian. x


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