Friday, May 15, 2009

See you soon.......

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Loads done in the garden and busy with work and other projects!

This is only a flying visit as I am off on holiday tomorrow! YAY!! A week in a villa in Portugal. Can't wait. We did think of just taking one case but have settled on two as far too much stuff to take with us. Jase has packed some of my birthday presents as I will be 21 again next week *wink*.

I have left next door in charge of the chickens. They will have a job on their hands as Cornelia went broody yesterday! She has been squawking like a banshee all day and fluffed up, strutting around every time I kicked her off the nest. I hope she has snapped out of it by the time I get home.

The rabbit has not been spotted in the veggie garden for weeks now, but we have another couple of enemies. The first is a mole, which despite having literally acres of fields around here, has decided to ran sack my veggie garden. Birds are the other enemy. They have pulled up all of my pea seedlings which were doing so well. It can be soul destroying, but there is nothing I can do until I get back from holiday.

Bags are packed, passports, tickets and money sorted. leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow, so will say goodbye now. Promise to be back soon and keep you all up to date with the garden, the girls and any other rambling that gets a mention!

Have a good week.

C x x


  1. We had a mole on our allotment GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    I discovered why our broad beans looked so sickly, spindly and yellow, compared to everyone else's lovely strong green plants - moley had only tunnelled right under them. When I was weeding them, I discovered I could push the plants about 5 inches into the soil - the poor things had been suspended in thin air with their roots dangling into space. The mole(s) were tunnelling ALL OVER the plot, where I wanted to plant out stuff. We deployed some 'gadgets' but had no success and in the end had to call in 'Anti-Pesto'. Now we seem to be mole free...... for now!

  2. Having visited your lovely garden I can fully understand why Mr Mole does not want to stay in the fields!

    Wishing you both a lovely holiday.

  3. Have a lovely holiday Christian!


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